Airbnb’s algorithm takes many factors into consideration. We have noticed that a few details are more important than others. A general rule of thumb: Airbnb wants you to be part of the game, and will therefore up-rank Hosts that play by the rules more easily. Here are a few tips to improve your listing’s quality and ranking in search results:


  1. Upload high quality, professional pictures; you’ll notice the difference very quickly!
  2. The more your calendar is free, the higher your chances to appear in the top results.
  3. Create your ad in at least two languages.
  4. Fill out your ad with great details in your description.
  5. Do not put prices that are too high. Stay reasonable.
  6. Activate the Instant Book feature.
  7. A property with many amenities is always a good thing.
  8. Try to equip your property with at least coffee, tea, sugar, and extra toilet paper rolls.
  9. Become a Business Travel compliant property asap
  10. Complete your Guidebook as much as you can.
  11. Ask your peers to add your property on their Airbnb Wish Lists
  12. Reply to your Guests’ inquiry as fast as you can.
  13. Always rate your Guests, even after an unpleasant experience.
  14. And of course, the more 5 star ratings you’ll get, the better it is


We have many years’ experience as Hosts in Switzerland and during that time we learned A LOT about what things matter when you’re trying to improve your discoverability on Airbnb.  The above list covers just a few of the tricks of the trade.


Another key tool for improving your Airbnb rating is market statistics.  Finding out the key metrics for the holiday let apartment industry in your city will help you to fully understand your competition and the opportunities which are available to you.
Our bnb statistics reports give you accurate reporting on Airbnb listings in your city.  Whether you are a host just starting out or a well established company dealing with multiple properties we have reporting options to suit your requirements.  Take a look at some sample reports here –