• Take away the guess work


Even experienced Hosts can find themselves guessing and working on assumptions of what is happening in their Airbnb market. Using data and statistics takes away this guesswork and gives you the confidence that you are working with facts which can dramatically affect your business.



  • Save time


As a host you are probably used to scanning through other Airbnb listings in your city to find out where your listing comes up in search results and to check what your competition is offering. It can be a time consuming job to manually keep on top of all this information, especially in locations with a large and rapidly expanding vacation rental market. By using data reports and analytics you can see the information you need extremely quickly. You’re able to get a snapshot of your market and what your potential customers are looking for.



  • Understand your local market


There is a lot of advice available from Airbnb and other providers when it comes to tips on improving your airbnb listing. However, it is so much more valuable to have information which is relevant to your local market, rather than just generic best practice. For example, having access to information such as keywords which customers are using to find and rate rentals in your area means you can ensure that you are using these keywords in your property description which will help to give your listing a boost in the search results.



  • Provide your guests with a better experience


As you know, reviews can make or break a vacation rental business. With our Pulse report you are able to see what guests liked and didn’t like about their stay in your city. You can use this information to make sure that your vacation rental provides exactly what guests want. For example, you might discover that a lot of guests aren’t happy with cleanliness or that many guests are looking for family friendly accommodation. Armed with this information you can make sure that your vacation rental meets these requirements. Not only will your listing benefit in the search results by adding these terms but by making sure your accommodation meets guests needs you will achieve better reviews. Using statistics in this way can help you to continually improve your business.



  • Reach Superhost status


Airbnb have some simple rules around how to become a Superhost – https://www.airbnb.co.uk/help/article/829/how-do-i-become-a-superhost to become a Superhost you need to, in the last 12 months have:

  • Hosted at least 10 trips
  • Maintained a 90% response rate or higher
  • Received a 5-star review at least 80% of the time you’ve been reviewed, as long as at least half of the guests who stayed with you left a review
  • Completed each of your confirmed reservations without cancelling

Superhost status is worth having because it means you have access to several benefits including, the Superhost badge on your listing, guests are able to search only for Superhosts and priority telephone support from Airbnb, amongst other things.

As we have shown above, by utilising data and statistics about your Airbnb market you will be able to improve your customer reviews. This will go a long way towards getting you extra guests which means you should easily be able to host at least 10 trips and receive 5* reviews. You’ll be a Superhost in no time at all!