Blog – Top 5 Airbnb resources for hosts


Now, there are absolutely loads of websites out there offering advice on how to improve your Airbnb listing, how to become a Superhost and how to give your guests the best experience possible. The amount of websites and micro-businesses which have sprung up in the Airbnb ecosystem is staggering. There is some great advice out there. We decided to make life easy for you and wade through all that information (did we mention we love analysis and data?!) and bring you a Top 5 list of the most useful websites and blogs. Here we go, in no particular order!


Airbnbsmart is a super smart website (natch) which is updated regularly with blogs covering all manner of Airbnb topics to help hosts maximise their Airbnb business. Rowan from Airbnbsmart has done a great job of collating information on everything from useful tools and aps to getting rid of troublesome guests. It’s definitely one to bookmark.


Our friends over at Lodgify run a great blog. Their core services are providing reservation and management systems and vacation rental website building. Keep an eye on the blog for regular updates covering a wide range of topics for Hosts. As well as their own writers they often team up with external partners so their blog is always fresh and interesting. is an interesting one because it isn’t strictly about Airbnb or vacation rentals. However, what they do have is a plethora of information on running a property management business with a particular focus on content, SEO and social media. It’s a great one to pick up some tips on promoting your vacation rental business.


Of course we had to add in the Airbnb help section. It’s pretty comprehensive and is always a good place to start if you need some specific help.


We really like this website, it’s really helpful for Hosts who want some help with marketing their vacation rental properties. Need some help with blogging? You’ll find it here. Struggling to get the photography right for your listing? Yep, you’ll find some great info on this website. One warning though, there is a LOT of information here. You’ll need a cup of coffee and some time to read it all!