Blog – Top 5 Airbnb resources for hosts

Blog - Top 5 Airbnb resources for hosts   Now, there are absolutely loads of websites out there offering advice on how to improve your Airbnb listing, how to become a Superhost and how to give your guests the best experience possible. The amount of websites and micro-businesses which have sprung up in the Airbnb [...]

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Interpret Your Stat!

Get your geek on! How to interpret the stats to unlock your SuperHost power!   Yes, we love data! What we really love about the data we provide is how it can help Hosts to maximise their investment in their vacation rental property. As former Hosts ourselves we know just how hard it can be [...]

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14 ways to boost your Airbnb listing

Airbnb's algorithm takes many factors into consideration. We have noticed that a few details are more important than others. A general rule of thumb: Airbnb wants you to be part of the game, and will therefore up-rank Hosts that play by the rules more easily. Here are a few tips to improve your listing's [...]

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