About Us

Bnbstat.com is a UK based company that has been active in the BNB industry for 3 years. After significant growth in the apartment management business, bnbstat.com found a lack of available information about the market. We decided to expand our business by filling that gap for everyone.

If you hope to grow in the BNB industry, you need to stay informed. Indeed, the industry is growing at a staggering pace, and as the industry grows so does the need to stay competitive. Our reports will bring you an insight into the market and competition. You might want to know the average cleaning fee charged in your city, or the number of listings offering air conditioning as an amenity, or most used words left in the comments left by Guests. We provide information on all that, and much more.

There are three types of reports: the Essentials Report, the Full Market Report, and the Raw Report.

The Essentials Report will show you basic trends within your city.

The Full Market Report gives a detailed view about local listings, local laws, and the local hotel industry, with more than 60 valuable elements.

The Raw Report is composed of two excel files – one with numbers and one with comments – with raw customizable data.

No, bnbstat.com is independent and therefore not affiliated with Airbnb.com.

Trust & Safety

Our data comes only from official websites, such as national statistic archives and reports, and Airbnb.com. The data is updated on a quarterly basis, and subject to changes made by Airbnb users who are adding new listings, and removing or modifying existing listings.

In the near future, we will increase the data update frequency in order to serve you better.

Yes, our commitment in terms of online security matches the highest standards available. Especially when it comes to online payments, we select our partners very carefully, and all online payments are handled either with Paypal or Square.