Get the data set of your choice! brings you four types of reports: the Essentials Report, the Full Market Report, the Pulse, and the Data Report.

The Essentials Report is an overview of the current situation about Airbnb in your city. You can see the total number of listings with a clear breakdown, some details about amenities, cancellation policies, and more. Click on the sample below to have a glimpse!

The Full Market Report gives you a deep understanding of the actual Airbnb situation in your favorite city, including the first 20 single, two, three, and four most used words from the Pulse. You will also see a quick overview about the hotel industry in the area. Click on the sample below to have a glimpse!

The Data Report is an Excel file will all the raw data & numbers compiled in one file from all the current listings in your city. You can do your own calculations and averages, and apply any relevant filters for your research! Click on the sample below to have a glimpse!

The Pulse is an exclusive Excel file containing the first 1’000 single word, 1’000 two-words group, 1’000 three-words group, and 1’000 four-words group most frequently used  in all the comments from your favorite city. Search for the words that’s of your own interests, access important data for your research! Our algorithms scan all the local comments and reviews left by Guests. We search for preselected keywords, in 7 different languages, as well as words proper to your city such as famous points of interest, popular monuments, and more. Why is the Pulse so important? As you know, reviews are the core of the game, and the Pulse brings you a concentrate of your Guests’ minds; what they like, what they did not appreciate about their stay, or about your city. Use this strong indicator by inserting these keywords in your listing’s title or in your description, and learn what is really important for your Guests! Click on the sample below to have a glimpse!

Need a Tailor Made Report? Let us know which city, which neighborhood, or which country interests you. The world is YOUR oyster, just drop us an email or call us and we will create you a report!

Essentials Report Sample

Full Market Report Sample

Pulse Sample

Data Report Sample

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